The Road that Leads Us…

“Any road that leads to a friend is beautiful.” Proverb

Friendship is such a beautiful thing to have. And I am so lucky to have found it in my small group of friends who I consider my family.

We all moved from the Philippines to Australia and we had been friends for more than two decades. I can tell them all my innermost feelings … we laugh together … we cry together … we get mad together … we used to dance together (but these two gave up on me) … we complain about our husbands together 😂😂😂 … we shared some bad experiences together. And that’s what made our bond tighter than ever before.

The road that we take as friends may not be easy, we also have our ups and downs. Sometimes we don’t agree on where to have brunch (hehe) or where to go on our next holiday, but when it comes to support, they are the best.

When I had my stroke less than two years ago, they were the very first ones that took me to the hospital and comforted my husband at the lowest time of his life.

When an unfortunate thing happened to members of our families, we were always there for each other to lift each other up.

So for this week’s Tuesday Photo Challenge – Road I am featuring this road that I choose to take with my besties.

Our families may not be with us at times but I know that I can depend on these friends, “my family” any time. Love you guyz ❤️🧡💛💚💙 And as the Filipino saying goes “Walang iwanan.” (Will never leave each other)

Photos taken at Wilson’s Botanical Gardens in Berwick, Victoria, Australia

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