Peach Chrysanthemums

“Flowers are like friends; They bring color to your world.” – Unknown


Chrysanthemums have a great variety of colours of blooms. It blooms from late summer to autumn.

Saw this on the side of the road when we were all still free to roam around. That time seems ages ago, when in fact it was just last week.


This is for Cee’s FOTD Challenge – Peach Chrysanthemums and for Sunshine’s Macro Monday Challenge – Macro Mums

693d9124-9bd7-422e-a365-e6b4c7b9be6c (2).jpg


I decided to put a monochrome shot because it has good contrast that it somehow seems to be a painting not a real flower. What do you think?

img_3848-1 (1).jpg


693d9124-9bd7-422e-a365-e6b4c7b9be6c-1-1 (1).jpg


img_3846-1 (1).jpg


img_3842 (2).jpg




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