Rivers in Europe & in Australia

“Time is like a river.You cannot touch the same water twice, because the flow that has passed will never pass again. Enjoy every moment of your life.”

Here are some iconic rivers in Europe and in Australia. This is for Amy’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge- Rivers in Europe & in Australia

Amstel River in Amsterdam

📸 @TimCasten

img_5242-1 (2).jpg


Arno River in Florence

img_6515_original (1).jpg


Loire River in Amboise

img_5696_original (1).jpg


Reuss River in Switzerland

img_5547-1 (1).jpg


Danube River in Budapest

img_9090_original (2).jpg

img_4994_original (1).jpg


Vltava River in Prague

img_0174_original (1).jpg


Grand Canal in Venice

img_5696_original-1 (1).jpg


Rhein River in Heidelberg

img_5546 (1).jpg


Yarra River in Melbourne

img_1034_original (1).jpg


Parramatta River in Sydney

img_1293_original (1).jpg



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