Of Blooms and Pancakes

“Happiness is mother and daughter time.” – unknown

Pat, my baby, doesn’t live with us anymore. So it is during this rare time that I treasure her company most. This morning, we had a daughter – mum bonding time, when we went for brunch at our favourite cafe and had a bit of a walk in the park.

Saw these beautiful flowers and had a picture perfect pancake so I decided to share it here for Cee’s FOTD Challenge and for Sunshine’s Macro Monday


17 thoughts on “Of Blooms and Pancakes

    1. Yes, Janet, kids don’t realise it but we feel so happy every time they give us a bit of their attention (especially in our old age) 🙄
      And since you are asking, that topping is fairy floss (or cotton candy).


  1. Your post made me smile for so many reasons. First, I love those blossoms. They look like they are from a crape myrtle tree and they are one of my favorite blooming trees. Second, I can understand the emotions felt with your daughter moving away. Proud of her independence but you will miss her for sure. Have a great week, Teresa. 😊

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