Doors of 4 Town Churches

As I have mentioned in my previous posts, I spent a few days in Daylesford with my husband, Jack. Jack is a different kind of guy and a very special one at that. I am praising him, not because I know that he will be reading this sometime soon, but because he is a very understanding person.


While we were driving along the main road of this beautiful town i saw a church and a door. I said “Oh, there’s a door…Can I please take a photo of that, I need it for my blog.” He stopped and he patiently waited for me to finish taking the photo.

As we were driving away, maybe just a few minutes after I saw another church… and guess what I did? Oh, and I have to mention, there were four churches on this street, so close to each other. 😂😂😂😂 ⛪️ ⛪️ ⛪️ ⛪️

(You may ask why he didn’t just let me walk to all the churches in one go. Well, that was the day that Melbourne temperature was so high and we had the bushfires… so of course he didn’t let me walk)


This is for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge – Doors of 4 Town Churches

Daylesford Uniting Church

Former Daylesford Wesleyan Chapel (now privately owned)

Anglican Parish of Daylesford

St Peter’s Catholic Church


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