Bottle Brush

“It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.” – Paulo Coelho

The bottle brush, is an Australian native blossom. Bottlebrushes are Callistemons, a member of the Myrtacaea family (Myrtles) (Thanks LWBUT for the info). This is for Cee’s FOTD Challenge Bottlebrush – and for Irene’s Macro Monday – Bottle Brush


19 thoughts on “Bottle Brush

  1. Beautiful photos – the bottlebrush are looking really fantastic this time of year here. 🙂

    While they might look a little similar to some banksia flowers, bottlebrushes are Callistemons, a member of the Myrtacaea family (Myrtles), while banksias are from the Protaceaea family of plants. 🙂

    Banksias are closely related to the Waratah which can also be found in this shade of red.

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      1. Banksias are certainly a different thing and the come in a far greater range of colours, shapes and sizes. 🙂

        If you grasp a bottlebrush it generally feels soft and velvety – if you grasp a banksia flower they are much firmer and are almost like a hard plastic hair brush. The banksia spike before it flowers is a very thick, slightly ‘furry’ rod that grows at the end of a branch with a lot of hard spiky leaves underneath it. The bottlebrush sends out those small round flower pod capsules along an end section of a branch and the tree leaves are much softer and usually smaller than those of the banksia, which often have very serrated spikey edges to them, a little like a holly leaf. 🙂

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      1. Yes! 🙂

        Some banksia flowers can look a little like them – from a distance – but when you get close there are many small differences.

        I have not seen many banksias that flower that deep of a red colour? Not in WA anyway.

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