Blue Bath House Doors

“There are things known and things unknown and in between are The Doors.” – Jim Morrison

Brighton, an easy half an hour drive from the Melbourne CBD, is home to 82 distinctly coloured wooden beach houses. This is the Brighton Beach Boxes in Dendy Street, which is a great photo opp for locals and tourists alike.

Melbourne is famous as a cultural hub and this vive translates to these beach boxes, which are small wooden huts painted in bright and vibrant colours.

Aside from being instagram worthy, these bath houses have a lot of history. Over a century ago, these houses were built in response to the Victorian era code about getting undressed in public on seaside areas. This was used mainly by women when changing into their swimwear.

At present time, these bath houses are prime real estate property and the price could go up to $326,000 (in 2017). However it is very rare that existing bath houses hit the market because people hold on to their ownership or passed on through generations. So it is safe to say that today, these colourful timber bath houses are used as storage and used mostly as shelter from the heat of the sun.

This is for Norm’ Thursday Doors Challenge and for Becky B’s July Squares Challenge – Blues

One of the more famous of the bathing houses is this one painted with the Australian flag. People queue up just to take a photograph with this specific bath house!


31 thoughts on “Blue Bath House Doors

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  2. So sorry for the late visit this week.
    These beach huts are so adorable but it’s scary to think they’re worth more than most people’s homes…at least around where we live.

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  3. oh these are such fun . . . . . there are ones on the south coast which go for similar prices, but they do not look as gorgeous as this. And of course in England it tends to be rain we are sheltering from rather than the sun!

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  4. These beach huts are wonderful and remind me of the ones we have dotted around the coast in the UK. I don’t think any are quite so beautifully painted as these ones though.


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