Cheers to Happy Endings and New Beginnings!

“The world is round and the place which may seem like the end may also be only the beginning.”-Rebecca West

I know it is not an original concept because I just based it on Nancy’s post but when I saw her son’s graduation, I can’t help but think of my kids. And think of their first days in school. Oh stop it… too mushy

Everything has to have a beginning and this is where it all began. i still remember it like it was just yesterday. I have 2 kids and in both times I had packed their lunches, prepared their clothes and shoes and made our way to Kinergarden. And after a kiss goodbye and as they were leaving to go to their classrooms, I felt so emotional. Oh no, my babies are not babies anymore!

My eldest, Tim’s first day of school. I felt teary eyes but it wasn’t that bad because I still have another baby in the stroller waiting for me.

Patricia, my baby’s first Day of Kinder… that’s when my tears really fell. Both of my kids said goodbye to me and I just knew right there and then that that there’s no turning back … this is the start of the rest of their lives.

Fast forward 2013 after finishing an Honours Degree in Fine Arts.

And here he is with his girlfriend of more than a decade and now his wife, both venturing on a life in London.

And fast forward 2014, the last graduation in the family. My baby graduating from Bachelor of Arts (Photography) with Distinction.

It is one of those happy endings to years of struggle and perseverance and success. But it is always a rotating wheel of them beginning new jobs, new life in another country, travelling the world, visiting for a holiday and of course some frustration in between. My job is done… I just have to watch and observe what life has to offer them and be there whenever they need me.

Thanks to Nancy Merrill’s Photo a Week Challenge: Endings because it gave me the chance to reminisce.


7 thoughts on “Cheers to Happy Endings and New Beginnings!

  1. If all moms all over the world are like you, loving their children as much as you do and supporting them, then the world will be a much, much better place to live in. Your children are so blessed to have you.

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  2. Saw your like on my post Spring rain – I still need to add an image for “the endings.” Lovely images of very happy occasions!
    The empty nest feelings set in much later when my youngest after some college moved to another country. But after a while, we discovered Skype as a substitute:)Phew, being a parent is a life long challenge, eh?

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  3. Such a nice response and wonderful happy photos. Our kids are up and gone now and graduations are in the past. I remember my son’s graduation from SOAS in London. He had not been an easy student in school and then went on to honors BA and at SOAS an honors MSC. You must be very proud of your two children. There is an ending but for them a beginning! Happy days!

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