Next stop is Heidelberg, Germany – Wanderlust @50

“The biggest risk in life, is not taking one”– Barfi

Didn’t have much time to look around Germany, it was just a stop to have lunch. But still, we were able to soak in the character of the country and maybe one day, we will be able to experience it more.

This is what you will see upon entering Heidelberg. it’s a beauty isn’t it.

This is the Karl Theodore Bridge commonly known as the Old Bridge. It is an arch bridge that crosses the Neckar river and connects the old city to the Neuenheim district on the opposite bank.

This is a bronze monkey which can be found in the Heidelberg bridge. Legend says that if you rub the monkey you will receive good luck or you will be returning to this place. Well, fingers crossed!

In the lovely German town, here is part of the town square. High above you can see part of the castle that overlooks the city.

The Church of the Holy Spirit is the most famous church in Heidelberg, Germany. It stands in the middle of the market place in the old centre.

The Museum Haus Cajeth is located in the centre of Heidelberg’s old town. It is a museum of primitive paintings.

The following are some street shots of architecture, restaurants, Segway, pubs in Heidelberg.

Then off to our next destination…

Have you been to Heidelberg? Have you rubbed the bronze monkey?

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