Wanderlust @24 Up the steps of Petrin Hill, Prague

Our happiest moments as tourists always seem to come when we stumble upon one thing while in pursuit of something else.” -Lawrence Block

My husband and I went to Petrin Hill and that’s when we realized that the funicular wasn’t running. OMG rugged steep steps … can my frail 60 year old legs do it? The steps may not be much..but we had been walking since the morning and this area is not even flat.

Below is the place where we sat and had to decide 😀 Do we or do we not go through with this? The garden is wide and so fresh. What a lovely sight!

Well, I guess it is pretty obvious that we went on with it…and no regrets whatsoever. The view was getting better and better as we continued up the slopes of the hill.

The top of Petrin Hill Is amazing! The tower is a replica of the Eiffel Tower…and the St Lawrence Church can also be found here. You can go up the tower for a fee or you can stay and savour the view around it.

Now that we have reached the top, the next problem is going down. We tried to search for an easier way to go down (meaning, less steps) and we found one that would go around and go by the side of the hill. And this is the view that we saw. Perfect!

And this is what I learned, cobblestone streets are so pretty to look at but not easy on the feet. Going down hill isn’t easy as your weight is shoved down to your feet. Oh dear…more walking going back to our hotel. But it was all worth it.

Have you been to Petrin Hill? Was the funicular working when you went. Please share your experience.

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