Morning … Noon … Night at Charles Bridge, Prague Wanderlust @20

“Walking around Prague is comparable to being in a fairytale: except for one minor detail: it’s real.” – Lust for the World

Charles Bridge is a famous stone bridge that is so beautiful with all the statues of saints on both sides and fantastic view of Prague all around it. Strolling across this bridge is something you shouldn’t miss when visiting Prague. The best time to visit it is early morning… and I am not kidding. A little effort in waking up early goes a long, long way…


This was what we saw when we went in the afternoon so we decided that we were gonna go back the following day before breakfast. Not really good for taking photos…but the ambiance is very festive and it is still fun to go and see all the wares that hawkers are selling and watch the street performers.

It is also nice to come here at night… for one, it is not very busy and second, the whole place lights up at a particular time (we were there in November so lights were turned on pretty early) Lights give a distinct beauty and reflection to the statues and the trees and one can even see the tip of the Prague castle light up.

Have you seen an empty Charles Bridge? I bet you haven’t.


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