Cees B&W Photo Challenge: Tender Moments

“Every great love starts with a great story.” – Nicholas Sparks

My kids are very loving. When they were still 1 year old and 3 years old, they would always look for each other whenever one is not around. When some of our friends would say, “ Can I take your sister home with me?” He would take his sister into his arms and hug her and say “NO”.

When they were in their teens, they were still very close. Even if they have their own circle of friends, they would both find the time to talk until the wee hours of the morning.

Since the time I have started to write my blog… my son’s now already married and for 2 years now has been living in London. I am happy that they still have that sisterly, brotherly bond between them because I know that aside from our “group chat”, the 2 of them talk to each other every now and then. And when my daughter was given a choice whether to go to America or UK for work…she didn’t hesitate to choose to go to London…because she said that she misses her “kuya” (Filipino term for older brother).

Awww mum is happy and teary eyed

Hope I am not too late… This post was inspired by Cee’s B&W Photo Challenge. The topic this week is Tender Moments


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