Wanderlust @2 Manila

“The thrill of coming home has never changed.” – Guy Pearce

Although I have been living in Australia for 28 years and this is my home now… there is still that feeling that I get when I go back to the Philippines.

It starts when the plane stops and almost all the passengers are speaking your native language. The pilot says “Welcome to Manila, Philippines.” Just a smile from the stewardess and your co passengers and a mere “kamusta? (How are you?) makes you feel so welcomed.

First thing you see when you go out of the airport are the big billboards and the jeepneys and the traffic.

Memories are made of these…

Jeepney is an easier mode of transportation.

Neighborhood sari sari store, where anything from medicine to beer to rice is being sold.

Family that I haven’t seen in years.

This is what we call “dirty ice cream” which is so yummy! (No it’s not really dirty) I grew up buying this whenever we hear the vendor ringing the bell as he passes through the neighborhood streets.

This is how I went to and from work, sometimes even wearing a mini skirt.

This is where we buy cheap snacks.

And this is where I and my husband graduated from university. It is one of the oldest Catholic university in the Philippines. University of Santo Tomas




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