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“Life is art, live yours in color.” – unknown

These photos were taken a few months back when my husband and I went on a short holiday to Daylesford, which is a town near the Great Dividing Range of Victoria, Australia

Daylesford is home to a diverse community of artists and there you can find a whole lot of galleries, studios, art spaces and some with exhibits all year round.

Here are doors to two of the galleries which we visited. This is for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge

Stony Creek Gallery

Featuring mostly works of Michael Parker, who is a local Daylesford artist, but also has a mixture of art forms from other artists as well.

No Entry to this room where they keep their materials. Notice the metal stiletto shoe on the steps? So cute.

Doors of wagons

Outdoor art pieces made of metal

Michael Parker Gallery

A gallery located in the heart of Daylesford.


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