Wanderlust in London…the Second Time Around

“It is always possible to do a thing better the second time.” – Henry Ford

Yes, going on a holiday with a tour group is nice. You can go to more places in one time because you have set destinations and a time schedule that you don’t even have time to breath. That was my first experience in London.

Going to London on our own was so much fun the second time around. Not going to iconic structures but going to places less travelled. Being with our kids was also a bonus.

This is for John’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge – the Second Time Around


It was fun strolling around with no definite plans of where to go.

It was November when we went for the second time and the Christmas markets were already up. Such an exciting time especially with all the variety of cuisine and Christmas decorations.

Street art in London is one of the best and we found them in Brick Lane, Shoreditch and even in St Pancras Train Station.

We had time to experience a West End production of Mama Mia.

And some precious time with my son.


33 thoughts on “Wanderlust in London…the Second Time Around

  1. I really enjoyed these photos. I lived in London for my twenties and early thirties. I loved it there. Our l son lives there now and we usually go twice a year to see him but with CV19 we don’t know when we will be going again. So thank you for the “virtual ” trip.

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  2. this is a fun tour of London, Techie. Thank you! great photos and love your playful mona lisa shot! 🙂 your post reminds me so much of a favorite city. i lived in Windsor for a couple of years and frequented London during my days off. 🙂

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  3. Your post is a mini-tour of London! It’s also “salt in the wound” for me. In a few days, we were to begin a Mediterranean cruise culminating in a two-day stay in London, our first time there. At least I got to see some of what I will miss in person. >grin<

    My favorite shot is of the long bridge rail perspective leading me to wonder what that building is in the background. Thanks for joining the challenge and sharing your photos.

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    1. Hey John, that’s the Millennial Bridge and the St Paul’s Cathedral. Don’t worry all these shall pass and we all can go back to our travels. I hope one day very soon! Stay safe, Teresa

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    1. blog
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      Nice u liked them. I and my husband really enjoyed going there a second time…or even a third when all these world pandemic shall pass. Have a good day Lisa.

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