“Saving a life just got much more important than savouring a lifestyle.” – Amit Kalantri, Wealth of Words

These are the only creatures I personally interact with (except for my husband) these days. The topic for Tina’s Lens Artist Photo Challenge this week is Distance and I was able to capture these swans and ducks practicing just that – Social Distancing. 😂

I know these are sad times and I am not taking things lightly but sometimes we just have to detach ourselves from things that we see and hear or it will just make us crazy 😳


26 thoughts on “Distancing

  1. Lovely creatures – and a quote so true. There are people in denial here as well. Sadly enough. Some youngsters believe they are immortal and some 70+ don’t follow the rules of staying home.

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    1. Thanks Tina for your wonderful comment. I chose that quote because I am just so amazed at how some people here in our country are still in denial or are just not believing the gravity of the situation. Stay safe my dear ❤️

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