Doors at Bromley&Co

“You can visit the same place over and over again and see it differently each time.”

This is a weekly challenge for door lovers – Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge- Doors at Bromley & Co

Bromley & Co is for anybody and everybody who loves any form of art. They have a new warehouse located at 45a Vincent Street … a wide and spacious warehouse gallery located in the Victorian Central Highlands. It is owned by a creative couple, Australian artist, David and his fashion designer wife, Yuge. It features paintings, art pieces for the garden, furniture, sculpture of local and international artists, interiors and even plants.

We (David and Yuge Bromley) usually take on projects based on our passion / obsession for art, design, interiors, fashion and generally liking to get our hands dirty with whatever creative scenario we can immerse ourselves in. Be it in the studio, planting gardens, seeking out treasures or collaborating on creative visions or with creative people it is all the same to us.

Here is a metal door that can be found on the sprawling land of the warehouse.

Some of the wooden doors with stained glass windows

The iron doors on display


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