Gingerbread Village at St Collins Lane

“Hello there. Life can be tough, but so are you.” – Happy Pills #28

These are welcoming doors to a Christmas display of the Gingerbread Village by Deniz Karaka, the executive pastry chef at Epicure Catering. Karaca and his team of 12 chefs spent more than 2,000 hours making an elaborate construction of famous Melbourne landmarks.

This is for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge- Gingerbread Village at St Collins St

Look at these iconic Melbourne landmarks built out of gingerbread, marzipan and icing sugar for this magical event.

The iconic and most photographed Brighton Bathing Houses is a group of 82 brightly coloured wooden beach nuts from the early 1900s.

Luna Park Melbourne is a historic amusement park located on the foreshore of Port Phillip Bay in St Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria

The rides of Luna Park

The Flinders Street Station is an iconic railway station which was the first railway station built in any Australian city.

Federation Square is a venue for arts, culture and public events on the edge of the Melbourne central business district.

Some buildings in Melbourne like churches, state halls and hospitals.

Some events in Melbourne, the Australian Grand Prix held in the early months of the year, and the Melbourne Cup, which is Australia’s most famous thoroughbred horse race held every November.

   St Collins Lane, 260 Collins Street, Melbourne 
When:    9am – 8.15pm November 30 until Christmas Eve
Cost:      Free


41 thoughts on “Gingerbread Village at St Collins Lane

  1. Lots of talent there! We used to have horse races here at our fairgrounds but it eventually just faded away. Most likely due to mismanagement. They supposedly wanted car races instead but even that is only held once or twice a year now. I could go on and on. lol

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