The Old Charm Revisited

“When you can’t find the sunshine, be the sunshine.” – Happy Pill #24

Casually walking through the Block Arcade in Collins Street Melbourne, I spotted this amazing window display of Hopetoun Tea Rooms. You can’t miss it, as at any given time this window would be lined with food lovers staring at their display of cheesecakes, glistening tarts, muffin assortments, pies, scones, Swiss Rolls, lamingtons, pavlovas … (oh gosh my mouth is watering just by thinking about it)

It is the old charm of this place that I found so attractive. In one corner of the window display is an old couple having tea awwww. And since it is the Christmas season, the place is now also full of red decorations overhead and red wreath on its door.

This is for Ludwig’s Monday Window – Old Charm

I have read somewhere in google that the Hopetoun Tea Room was purchased in 1891 for 18 pounds. How great was that! And now, despite all the newly opened cafes and restaurants in this area, this tea room has thrived for over more than a century already in this corner of the Block Arcade.





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