Yellow Roses Macro Shots

“Love is the beauty of the soul.” – Saint Augustine – Happy Pills #20

It is well known that a yellow rose symbolized jealousy, but we can also say that it represents friendship and joy. These sunshiny blossoms conveys warmth and gladness. These are different species of yellow roses and this is for Sunshine’s Macro Monday – Yellow Roses and for Cee’s FOTD – Yellow Roses










21 thoughts on “Yellow Roses Macro Shots

    1. -symbolism
      “Since Antiquity, roses have been associated with feelings. A red rose means “I love you”, but a yellow rose stands for jealousy and infidelity.” Well that was in olden times… so need to worry haha

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  1. Love the yellow roses. Your post brought back memories of our wedding 40 years ago. Yes, I insisted on yellow roses because I love them. Seems to have worked out for us just fine. 😂

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