Step Aboard the Britannia – Wanderlust @94

“I name this ship Britannia. I wish success to her and all who sail on her.” – HM The Queen

It was a great start to our few days in Scotland, by having a visit to the royal yacht berthed just 15 minutes away from the Edinburgh city centre.

But first… coffee and lunch at the Royal Deck Tea Room of the Britannia.

Now, let us step aboard the famous ship of the Royal Family, called the Royal Yacht Britannia, and take a peek into their personal lives. This ship has been used by Queen Elizabeth II and the royal family for over 44 years … for royal functions, for state visits, for family holidays and also for several honeymoons.

There is a complimentary audio tour which will take you to everything that you will see on the five main decks of the Britannia.

Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge.

From the deck you can see the Sun Lounge where the Royal Family relaxes.

View from the deck.

The Wheelhouse was where the captain and crew would run the ship.

There are several bedrooms in the Britannia, her Majesty’s bedroom and Prince Phillip’s bedroom and it also has the Honeymoon Suite, play areas and entertainment rooms.

Some pictures of the royal family framed and can be seen in some of the rooms that they stayed in.

The Officers’ Wardroom is ideal for more private dining functions. Rooms were used for formal lunches and dinners with famous guests.

The State Dining Room is where Her Majesty and her esteemed guests dined.

In present times, these dining rooms are transformed into function rooms.

The State Drawing Room was the main reception area of the Britannia. This was often used by the Royal family to entertain dignitaries on State tours.

The rooms of Officers and Crew.

This is the Clinic.

There are several Galleys (kitchen) where food was prepared for the ship’s officers and crew and there’s also a Royal Galley where food was prepared by the chefs of Buckingham Palace.

The Laundry of the Britannia had a 24 hour laundry service. They say that up to 600 shirts alone passed through the washers and dryers in one day.

All the clocks on the yacht remain stopped at 3:01, the exact time that the Queen last embarked.

One last chance for a photo opportunity before leaving the Britannia.

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