Musee du Louvre – Wanderlust @93

“My favourite thing to do is go where I’ve never been.” – anonymous

The Musee du Louvre or just plain the Louvre is one of Paris’ most iconic attractions. It was first a medieval palace during the 12th century, then becoming a Royal palace. Presently, it is the largest museum in the world, spanning more than 60,000 sq metres of permanent collections.

The Louvre contemporary pyramid was designed by a Chinese-American architect I. M. Pei which is made of glass and metal.

The Louvre has 35,000 works in display so even though how hard you try, you can’t view everything in one day. (Your feet can’t handle it too!) The Louvre exhibits sculptures, paintings, drawings and archaeological finds.

The Venus de Milo is one of the most famous classical representation of the female beauty.

The Marble statue of Athena called La Pallas de Velletri

The Winged Victory of Samothrace

Who would not be familiar with The Mona Lisa, a painting of Leonardo da Vinci. Too popular that, this painting is encased in glass, and you can’t seem to appreciate it because so many people are crowding over it.

Having a break from admiring all the magnificent art pieces. Nice view from the outdoor terrace of Angelina, Cafe Richlieu, Louvre, Paris


12 thoughts on “Musee du Louvre – Wanderlust @93

      1. Yes – my poor attempt at humour.

        It was referring to the picture of Le Tibre, the reclining god of the river Tiber, in one of the middle pictures who appears to be casually holding on his shoulder a cricket bat?? 🙂

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