Doors on a Sunny Day

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” – Walt Disney

These are doors from the inner city suburb of Melbourne, known as Fitzroy North. Fitzroy North has a distinct character, noted for its prevalence of wide streets and intact Victorian and Edwardian era style home.

I am often in this place because my daughter lives here. Here are some doors that I have seen while walking in this area… some are apartment doors, restaurant doors, club door, gates of homes, some old and some new. I am putting it for Norm’s Thursday Doors Challenge – Doors on a Sunny Day.


21 thoughts on “Doors on a Sunny Day

  1. Ah, here it is (just wrote I couldn’t find your comment section, but that was before Thurs. Doors:) Love the combi of that light shade of green and the yellow, but also the reddish, and the star shaped screen door – unusual!

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