Seine River Cruise in Paris – Wanderlust @90

“Paris is always a good idea.”

Walking on foot along the streets of Paris is a wonderful thing to do, but viewing it on water level is a greatly different experience. Discover Paris through a Seine River Cruise and you will be amazed as it winds its way through the heart of the city.

You will get to see the most iconic sites Paris along the waterway.

The Eiffel Tower

Île de la Cité is one of the two remaining natural islands in the Seine. You can get up close and personal with the Notre Dame Cathedral which is located in Île de la Cité.

Musee d’Orsay is a museum on the left bank of the Seine.

Musee du Louvre is a museum on the right bank of the Seine. The Louvre is the world’s largest art museum.

Paris is defined by then two sides of the Seine River, the left bank and the right bank. That is why the bridges in Paris become very helpful in crossing these two sides of the city.

Here are some the beautiful bridges of Paris as seen from the Seine:

Pont Alexandre III – called “the most beautiful bridge in the world.”. It is designed in the Beaux-Arts style, with ornate decorations and art noveau lamps.

Pont de Bir-Hakeim Has a foot and car path below with a metro line above it.

Pont Neuf is the oldest bridge in Paris.

More amazing views from the river cruise.

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