An Escape to the Gardens

“Escape the every day world and revel in the colour of nature.”

“This is really what KaBloom is all about, the splendour of millions of flowers across five acres of planting in the gorgeous Dandenong Ranges. We have a rainbow of fields filled with marvellous Marigolds, sizzling Salvias, cool Cosmos, colourful Cleomes, pretty Petunias, glorious Gomphrena, charming Celosia and many more. This floral sensation will melt your heart and fill your soul.” *- KaBloom*

KaBloom is an event that is on every Autumn. There is another event that happens in Spring called the Tesselaar Tulip Festival. I am putting this out for Cees Fun Foto Challenge – Gardens

Aside from the blooms, there are other things to see here, like the exhibit of vintage cars, wonderful walk ways, and some beginnings of the coming blooms, which I think are the tulips 🌷 for September.


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