Seats In and Around Restaurants in Melbourne

“Live today
Not yesterday.
Not tomorrow.
Just today.”
– Jerry Spinelli

I love going to restaurants aside from their good tasting food, I also want them to have a good ambiance.

Here are some chairs for Xingfumama’s Pull Up a Seat Challenge and Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – chairs hosted by Snow and Something to Ponder About on alternate weeks

This is a restaurants in the Second floor of South Bank in Melbourne.

The decor inside The Butler’s Den in Elwood.

Near Mama’s Buoi in Melbourne’s GPO in Bourke Street

This is a flower shop in Daylesford.

Breakfast at Cliffy’s Emporium in Daylesford

At the benches outside the Abbotsford Convent where we had lunch at a vegan restaurant.

At the chapel in the Convent Gallery in Daylesford where we had our brunch at the ground floor cafe.


9 thoughts on “Seats In and Around Restaurants in Melbourne

      1. I think the contestants are getting better and better. But maybe I’m biased because that is my fave cooking show and I watch it religiously haha
        Regards, Tresa


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