If the Walls Can Speak – Wanderlust @59

“A realist, in Venice, would become a romantic by mere faithfulness to what he saw before him.” -Arthur Symons.

Imagine a city interconnected by canals and bridges … a romantic gondola ride … an Italian serenade … waterfront palaces … winding canals … colourful facades of buildings …

It is like you are transported to a Hollywood movie set or cruising through a painting while your gondolier zig zags along the grand canal. If you’re lucky enough, you’ll be serenaded with Italian songs complete with an accordion.

But what I really love about this are the the walls of Venice. There is so much texture and colour and for sure so much history and story behind them.The cracks on the walls, the chipped paint, the dark signs of mold, the rusted railings are all part of the beauty that is Venice.

This was a very enjoyable experience… our gondolier didn’t sing but a bonus was, one couple in our tour group had their honeymoon so we were entertained by their gondolier singing in a pleasantly loud beautiful voice all throughout our ride.

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12 thoughts on “If the Walls Can Speak – Wanderlust @59

  1. I may never get to Venice, so really appreciate these beautiful photos. I’m so glad you got to see it before the floods. We saw Notre Dame the week before it burned, and have thankfully took lots of pictures. Thanks for sharing.

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  2. What a fun experience. Those walls are indeed beautiful and varied. I wonder if the Venetian residents realized their city was going to become a site for lovers and so revered by the world, when they built it so many years ago?

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    1. I know. And maybe some of them may not even be aware that it is such am amazing place, since most of them have lived there all their lives and haven’t compared it to anywhere else.


      1. Exactly. They have nothing else to compare it too so take it so what for granted. I knew of an exchange student from a town just outside of Venice who came to Australia for a while. She didn’t like it here. Too different I think.

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        1. Well, I guess it is so different. I so love European countries though, so much history and character. But in saying that, tho Australia’s history doesn’t go that far back, it is still a beautiful destination.

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          1. Those European old towns are incredibly romantic and appealing to folks like me, who live in the New Worlds, with very short modern history. Initially I had no interest in visiting Europe, and preferred to see very different destinations, such as Asia, but once you have been to Europe, most of us are hooked. Particularly if generations back, your family came from an area.
            You are right, however, Australia does have other attributes that count for a lot, especially with the reef and in terms of evolution – the marsupials and unusual flora and fauna. That is something we don’t always understand. When the settlers came to Australia, they knocked down the bush with monumental voracity, thinking it an annoyance. Have you been out here?

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            1. In Australia? I am from Melbourne but sadly, i have been to other countries but haven’t been to much of the other states of Australia. That is in my bucketlist for when I get to retirement age and my husband and I can drive around the big wide country.

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              1. Okay! Fellow Melbournian born here! But lived mostly up in the Sunshine State. The sad fact is that I am more suited to the Victorian climate! Like you, I am leaving the Australia exploration til after the time I can not longer ‘cope’ with overseas travel. You are welcome to come visit me up here.

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