Cruising through the Rhine River… Wanderlust @49

“The songs of the river ends not at her banks, but in the hearts of those who have loved her.” -(Buffalo Joe)

This river cruise was amazing! It was a great experience and was very relaxing.

We arrived early to where the boats were docked so we were still able to look around the area.

This is our ride as we cruise along the Rhine river. We headed up to to the top deck so that we can look at the scenery and take photos without obstruction. The weather was very pleasant so we welcomed the wind and the sun while enjoying the view of the picturesque towns, the medieval castles while having a sip of our complementary drinks 🍷 !

Here are some of the views from our river cruise. Houses, churches, hotels, restaurants, the photo opportunities were just brilliant!

From the river cruise we witnessed from afar, the architectual magnificence of the medieval castles.

So that was our day and it was fantastic. We can’t help saying WOW to every scenery we looked at!

You should try a Rhine River Cruise! You will surely love it!

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