A drive to the Twelve Apostles in Australia – Wanderlust @40

“Like all great travellers, I have seen more than I remember and remember more than I have seen.” Unknown

It’s a long drive from Melbourne to the Twelve Apostles in Port Campbell (about 4 and a half hours). But it’s no big deal when the drive is on a winding shoreline full of majestic views on the Great Ocean Road … and the destination is a collection of stacked rocky limestone.

Note: it is called Twelve Apostles, but to date, there are only 8 left standing due to Mother Nature, salt and time causing the other apostles to fall.

I have been to the Twelve Apostles for several occasions (usually when visitors come over from overseas) , but this is the first time that we went there greeted by stormy weather. Geeez come to think of how disappointed we were going all the way there, we were on top of all those steps and it was really pouring rain. Even my camera was getting wet.

Then it really poured…

But knowing Melbourne (four seasons in a day) the sun came out soon afterwards. ☀️

This is the Twelve Apostles, standing in all its beauty.

This is called “The Wreck”

This rock stack is called “The Razorback”, with all the sharp edges and bumps.

This is called “London Bridge”.

Note: On the evening of 15 January 1990 the main arch connecting the London Bridge to the main land cracked and fell into the sea. Two people marooned on the new island were rescued hours later by a helicopter.

Have you visited the Twelve Apostles in Australia? You better….

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