Amazing find in the Castle District of Budapest – Wanderlust @38

“My garden is my most beautiful masterpiece”— Claude Monet

Walking around Budapest, one wet and cold day, I and my hubby happened to pass by this gallery called the Koller Galleria. When we entered the gallery, we went straight back out the back door because we saw this gorgeous manicured garden with the walls covered with ivy as well as amazing contemporary sculptures.

Here are some of the sculptures from the garden.

And here is the bird’s eye view of the garden.

We just entered this gallery by chance, not knowing that this is the oldest private gallery in Hungary, founded in 1953. This gallery mainly features modern and contemporary art of Hungarian artists.

This gallery has three levels. On the top floor is a memorial room for the Hungarian artist, Amerigo Tot. One can also have a good view of the Hungarian Parliament and the river Danube.

This is just by accident that I found this gallery, and it was one pleasant surprise.

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