Come…walk with me through the streets of Budapest.- Wanderlust @36

“The best dreams happen when you’re awake.”– Cherie Gilderbloom

You’ll be surprised with the number of Monuments, Statues and Streetart all around the streets of Budapest.

But if you’re like me and my husband, every time we look for a place in google maps, we get lost. Why is it that my kids can find locations with just one look while we (the oldies) have to turn our phone this way and that way and the more we get confused because the streets are turning the other way. OMG who of you are having the same problem?

So instead of finding lots of these monuments, statues and streetarts … we just found a few. Here they are, let me share them with you.

The Fat Policeman statue – patting his belly will bring good luck. As you can see by the colour of his tummy, it is obvious that a lot of people has done just that!

The Little Princess statue is located with a view of the Danube and the Buda castle in the distance. The artist was inspired by his daughter who would wear a dressing gown and pretended to be a princess.

Statue of famous Hungarian Painter Roskovics Ignac on the banks of the Danube

Girl and Her Dog Statue is a Life size sculpture of a girl playing ball with her dog.

Statue of Old Hussar examining his sword

Radnoti Miklos, a Hungarian teacher and poet.

Statue of Ferenc Kolcsey, the poet of the Hungarian National Anthem

The statue of Josef Bem or the “Piski Statue” in Andrassy Street.

1849 Hungarian Declaration of Independence monument

Poet Attila Jozsef statue

Statue of Blessed Pope Innocent XI

Plus more…

Streetart is everywhere in Budapest

I missed a lot of the streetart and statues in Budapest. I wish I could go back and view it all.

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