The 3 Holocaust Memorials You Should See In Budapest – Wanderlust @34

“In memory of the victims shot into the Danube by Arrowcross militiamen in 1944-1945”

We did the walking tour of these memorials all by ourselves but this can also be booked through popular sites like Viator or Trip Advisor.

1) Shoes on the Danube: Budapest’s most moving memorial . Here we find a trail of metal shoes on the banks of the Danube that serves as a monument for thousands of people … men, women and even children, who were executed along the river bank during WWII. They were told to take off their shoes before they were shot at the water’s edge.

The first photo really touched me because these were shoes of young children. As a mother, I am thinking what the kids would have felt during this time … were they with their mothers? Did they suffer much? Was anybody comforting them while they were crying?

2) The Dohany Street Synagogue is very touristy as it is the largest synagogue in Europe and second largest in the world. Below is the Moorish-style twin towers of the Synagogue. Within its grounds are some Jewish memorials.

The interior of the Dohany Street synagogue is pretty impressive with its lavish decorations.

Men are forbidden to enter the synagogue without covering their heads. My husband was given a kippah at the entrance so he can wear it while in the place of worship.

The cemetery is located at the back of the Heroes’ Memorial Temple.

This is the Heroes’ Memorial Temple

A memorial stained glass in the courtyard of the Raoul Wallenberg Memorial Park.

The Emanuel Tree – American actor Tony Curtis (whose father, Emanuel Schwartz, was a Hungarian Jew) funded the weeping willow memorial, located behind the Dohány Street Synagogue.

The names of 30 thousand Holocaust victims have been inscribed in the leaves.

3)Carl Lutz Memorial – Swiss diplomat Carl Lutz saved an estimated 60 thousand Hungarian Jews during the Holocaust

I felt teary eyed when I saw the Shoes on the Danube memorial. How ’bout you?

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