Next Stop…Vienna! Wanderlust @26

“I am not the same having seen the moon shine on the other side of the world.”  mary anne radmacher

After Bratislava, next stop was Vienna.

It was already a bit dark when we got there but we managed to stroll around the grounds of the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront. It was so placid and the view of the Danube was amazing, i really didn’t want to dress up and leave anymore.

But since my husband and I signed up for this optional tour, we had to go.

But-no regrets! 😂😀🤣

We had dinner at this quirky, unique restaurant called Marchfelderhof (it was as it says in the brochure, “Nothing like you’ve ever seen before”…and it’s so true! When we got there, the red carpet was rolled out, then there was the cutting of the ribbon, then musicians played the instruments while following us, going into the dining area. This is really an experience not to be missed… a must visit, when in Vienna.

The meal starts with a schnapps in a test tube. Ooooh to strong for me!

Our group were just sitting and singing with the musicians “Que sera sera, whatever will be, will be”, when all of a sudden somebody mentioned that we have to look at the  ‘ladies room’. So like little kids we ran giggling and to our surprise, when we opened the ladies toilet door, an operatic song suddenly sounded out loud. OMG the toilet was full of photos of naked men and maybe thousands of nic nacs scattered everywhere. All these time, we were just laughing our heads off 😂😂😂😂

Next we went to the garden. It looked like a hoarder’s paradise but really, it was set up in a way that it was so interesting.

Next, dinner was served. For me, the taste of the food was just ordinary, but I guess that is not why people visit this place anyway. I had barbecued spare ribs and desserts and beer that came in a weird shaped glass.

Here are more photos from Marchfelderhof. The first one has Elizabeth Taylor, because they said that she had ribs there.

Then there was photo ops outside to cherish one special memory of our time in this one of a kind place.

After this, it was time for bed…as it was a long day. More adventure to come.

Has anyone of you been to Marchfelderhof? It brought out the child in me! How about you?

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