Visiting Prague, a City of a Thousand Spires – Wanderlust @19

“No matter how many countries you’ve traveled to or where you’re going, Prague will sweep you off your feet.Anonymous

Prague is the capital city of the Czech Republic and it is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world. I have heard from friends and family about how beautiful it is…but when I saw it for myself I can say that … Prague is not just beautiful… it is simply Magical.

My husband and I went there in November of 2018 for 4 days and it wasn’t enough. There were still so many places that we missed on going and lots of things to see and do that we weren’t able to cover. However, with the places that we have seen, it is enough to last us for a lifetime.

Here are some of the things that we did:

1.Explore the Old Town Square

The Old Town Square is always busy with alfresco restaurants, street performers and merchants. Standing in the middle of the Square you will see several iconic buildings and churches of Prague.

2. Witness the show of the The Astronomical Clock

It is said to be the best preserved medieval mechanical clock in the world, working for 600 years. It chimes every hour on the hour, with the 12 apostles parading in the window of the astronomical clock.

3. Visit the Churches of Prague

The Churches in Prague are some of the most visited architecture sites… well how else will it be known as the ‘city of a thousand spires’. There are so many churches and cathedrals.

4. Stroll along the Charles Bridge

The beautiful Charles Bridge is one of the most visited sights in Prague. It is busy with hawkers, buskers, tourists and lovers that it is very hard to squeeze in. Try to have an early morning walk and experience the bridge’s true beauty (without the tourists).

Wanted to have my caricature done, but it was so busy that day!

5. Visit the old Jewish area

The Jewish Quarter is located between the Old Town Square and the Vltava River. They have here the Jewish Town Hall (known for having 2 clocks, one is the normal roman numeral clock while the other is a Hebrew clock that goes counter clockwise), the Old Jewish Cemetery and 6 synagogues. This is also the birthplace of the Bohemian Jewish novelist Franz Kafka.

6. Visit the Prague Castle

Prague is said to be the largest castle in the world. It has courtyards, palaces, museums and gardens. It is also wonderful to watch the changing of the guards. Outside is a lovely view of the whole of Prague…the view is stunning!

7. Visit the Mucha Museum if you are into arts

8. Try a relaxing River Cruise

Have a delicious buffet lunch and soak in the view of the Prague castle, Charles Bridge, Kampa Island. My husband and I were lucky enough to have the deck all to ourselves while all the rest of the people were having their drinks.

9. Go to Wenceslas Square

This is one of the main city squares in the New Town of Prague. It is a vibrant area which is famous for shopping, nightlife, food and the National Museum building.

10. See the Franz Kafka head

This is a rotating head of Prague’s most celebrated literary son. It is located in a busy shopping centre and there would always be lots of people around it.

11. Climb the steps of Petrin Hill

The Petrin Lookout tower is the most prominent landmark but all around it you can see lush greeneries and an amazing view of Prague. We were planning to take the funicular but with our luck it wasn’t working that time. Decision…decision… go up the rugged stoney steps or just have coffee in a cafe. What do you think did we decide on?

12. Try the Trdelnik

Trdelnik is a spit cake which is made of rolled dough, can be eaten as savoury or as sweets. It is so crunchy…I love it! But just had half of it as it is too sugary for me haha

13. Have lunch at the Market

Nothing can beat great food, musicians, great location…this is one not to be missed while in Prague.

Note to self when I return to Prague
Don’t miss going to the
  • Strahov Monastery
  • Golden Lane
  • Letna Park
  • Strange statues like Crawling Babies, the Broken Man, Piss

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