Tickles and Hugs

“The most precious jewels
You’ll ever have
Around your neck
Are the arms of your children.”

I have two kids, my daughter ‘Tishie Girl”, is in her mid twenties and my son, “Timmy Boy” is in his late twenties. They are both on their own now and Timmy Boy is already married and has moved to another country. They are both doing okay with their work and enjoying life.

I do get ‘facetime’ calls and messages and once in a while my husband and I catch up with my daughter. So that is nice (although I wish it were more often, but I know they are both very busy)

Well… I think I just need to stop thinking and hoping that things will be like how it used to be. I know in my head that I should be happy that they are both succeeding in their choices in life but at times I can’t help but feel sad.

Maybe I just miss my Timmy Boy and Tishie Girl too much!

Maybe I just miss how they hug me and tickle me!

Oh well, life goes on!


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