Wanderlust @5 Macau

After Hong Kong, it just follows that Macau is the next place to visit.

Macau, or it can also be spelled Macao, is a tiny Chinese territory, just about one hour away from Hong Kong by ferry.

The Lotus is considered as the emblematic flower of Macau. And this is in the Lotus Square

When I went there, which was a few years ago, it was Chinese New Year and it was such a joyous place, with all its lights and lanterns.

Macau’s architecture is a fusion of the East and the West.

Some places to go to in Macau are:

  • A-Ma Temple: It is the oldest temple in Macau, and is an exemplary representation of Chinese culture inspired by Confucianism, Taoism, Buddhism, and multiple folk beliefs. 

  • Senado Square: It is the urban center of Macau. You may feel you are in a city by the Mediterranean Sea when you see the pastel-colored neo-classical buildings around the square.

Fortress Armourial Gate

Macau is also known as the “Las Vegas of Asia”. Known for its huge casinos and being the world’s top gambling city, it boasts some popular attractions for tourists to visit.

Aside from it’s sites, Macau is also known for it’s food. But the best thing for me is their Portuguese Egg tart…this is to die for. Especially that it is so freshly baked.




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